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Access Control

Vanderbilt International (previously Siemens) access control systems provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for applications as small as a single door to large multi-site installations.

Act 365

ACT365 is a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution. With access to all your sites from one online interface, you can provide remote maintenance from anywhere, at any time

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Bright Blue/Light Blue

Perfect for most small to medium-sized applications, the bright blue Intelligent Access Management System from Vanderbilt Industries lets you manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders with ease.

For smaller applications up to 8 doors, Lite Blue provides the same advanced features as Bright Blue in a simple economical package. As needs change, the system can easily be upgraded to Bright Blue to expand up to 32 doors

Blue‘s embedded intelligence design means it does not require special software installation or a dedicated PC. Any computer running a standard web browser can be used to access, monitor and manage your system. The system’s user-friendly design means that anyone can use it, making access control a simple part of your busy life.

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Aliro’s innovative approach to access control combines amazing simplicity of planning and installation with an array of incredibly powerful features – all at a great price!

  • Plug and play simplicity with automatic device detection
  • Flat system architecture
  • One license and you’re covered. No need for expansion – and it’s free!
  • IP at the door (or traditional installation methods if you prefer)
  • Intuitive point and click interface. On-board guided tasks ensure that even those new to Aliro can install and administer the system with ease.
  • Web browser software and mobile apps. access the interface from any device with an internet connection.

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SiPass Entro

The SiPass Entro system is a user-friendly, networkable access control system suitable for commercial and industrial premises, institutions such as hospitals, or indeed any establishment requiring an effective access security solution.

With the ability to cater for up to 512 doors and 40,000 cardholders, it is surprisingly one of the easiest systems to install and use.

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SiPass Integrated

SiPass Integrated is a powerful and flexible access control system that provides a very high level of security without compromising convenience and ease of use for system users.

It is built to meet needs that range in complexity from medium to very high. It can be used to manage access to anything from a single low-rise office or residential building with just a few doors to massive high-rise complexes with tens of thousands of doors, gates, barriers and elevators at multiple sites around the globe.

SiPass integrated can be used together with Siemens video surveillance and intrusion products to create a truly interoperable security system. Third-party video surveillance and intrusion systems can also be integrated into the system.

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Cotag hand-free readers, cards and tags can be used with Bewator, Siemens or Vanderbilt International labeled access control systems or with third party equipment. Available in a variety of configurations, from slimline mullion readers to loops around doors for long range card and tag reading. Cotag applications include access control, wander control in senior accommodation and infant monitoring in neo-natal units.

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Cotag, EM Proximity, Mifare, Bluetooth, long range, biometric and multi-technolgy readers for use in Bewator, Siemens, Vanderbilt International and third party systems.

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Cards & Tags

Cotag, EM Proximity and Mifare cards and tags for use inBewator, Siemens, Vanderbilt International and third party systems. Active and passive cards, keyring, wrist and vehicle tags are available.

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