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Hands-Free Access Control

Siemens’ Cotag readers and tags provide true hands-free access control with a reading range of up to 10 feet or more. This removes the need to present a card to a reader. The card-holder’s identity and access privileges can be established as he approaches the door with his card in his pocket, on his keyring on his wrist or even on his vehicle. This makes Cotag ideal for applications where employees have to pass frequently through restricted doors, especially if they are carrying equipment. Other applications include senior living facilities, where dementia patients wearing wrist tags can be detected and preventing from passing through doors, and hospital neo-natal units, where ankle tags prevent babies from leaving the facility unless accompanied by a nurse or a parent with a matching tag.

Cards & Tags – Active & Passive

Two types of card and tags are available – active and passive. Active cards and tags contain a lithium battery. When within range of a reader, they actively transmit information to it. The reading distance provided by this active technology makes possible hands-free operation. Passive cards must be presented to the reader.

Cotag technology is unique in that it can provide both proximity and hands-free card reading in the same system. All Cotag readers can read both active (long-range) and passive (proximity) Cotag cards and tags, and both types of cards/tags can be mixed in the same system for ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.

Readers – Loop, Hands-Free & Proximity

The greatest range is achieved by running a wire loop round a door and/or on the floor. The loop acts as an antenna and can detect active cards and tags at a distance of up to 3 meters (10 feet) or more. Hands-free operation can also be achieved without installing a loop, by means of the HF500 and HF100 hands-free readers with a range of approximately 1 meter (3 feet). For doors where hands-free operation is not required, proximity readers can be installed and are able to read the same cards and tags.

Cotag Readers
Cotag Cards & Tags

Note: Cotag products were previously sold under the name Bewator. Bewator was acquired by Siemens and Caledon supplies the entire Bewator line under the Siemens brand.