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SiPass Entro

Comprehensive access control

SiPass Entro

SiPass Entro is a very scalable, flexible, and user-friendly access control system that can monitor and control access to facilities with up to 512 doors and 40,000 cardholders. It enables customized access rights by categories and offers a complete range of reports. System configuration is simple and an extensive range of reader and card options are available.

SiPass Entro provides a unique and very smart video recording capability when used in combination with SISTORE digital video recorders from Siemens. Up to 16 SISTORE DVRs and 128 cameras can be connected to SiPass Entro without the need for an additional PC or server. The SiPass Entro software is used to define the events that trigger recording, activate manual recording, and launch the “live view” function. Recorded events can be launched and viewed directly via the event log in the SiPass Entro software along with the status of all connected doors and cameras.

SiPass Entro supports Windows Terminal Server 2003/2008, which enables multi-site card management from a central location. This makes system maintenance very easy – a single software installation can be used to manage up to 10,000 branch sites. There is no need for system know-how at branch sites – an organization’s headquarters can provide all the know-how and support for the access control system.

Other noteworthy features in SiPass Entro are its integrated reservation function for rooms and facilities, the ability to create and print personalized cards and badges, its elevator and alarm control capabilities, and its open TCP/IP interface to other systems, such as accounting, and time and attendance.

SiPass Entro also provides a fast and easy upgrade path to SiPass integrated without any hardware redundancy, which makes SiPass Entro a very safe investment for the long term.

Door Modules
Signal Modules

SiPass Entro Leaflet (PDF)