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SiPass Integrated Kits

SiPass Integrated kits provide a convenient and cost-effective way of adding Cotag technology to an access control system. AK5100-COSiemens’ Cotag technology is unique on the market in that it can provide both proximity and hands-free card reading in the same system. All Cotag readers can read both active (long-range) and passive (proximity) Cotag cards and tags, and both types of cards/tags can be mixed in the same system to provide ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.


AK5000-CO SiPass integrated Cotag Cards Kit

The Cotag Cards Kit includes:

– 1,000 IB958M passive Cotag cards with magnetic stripe
– One Database extension license for 1,000 cards (ASE5100-BA)

This kit requires a valid SiPass integrated license. To order the SiPass integrated Cotag Card kit, you must complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further details.


AK5110-CO SiPass integrated SP500-Cotag Door Kit

The SP500-Cotag Door Kit includes:

– One ADD5100 dual reader interface
– Two SP500-Cotag readers


AK5120-CO SiPass integrated PR500-Cotag Door Kit

The PR500-Cotag Door Kit includes:

– One ADD5100 dual reader interface
– Two PR500-Cotag readers