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Hold-Up Alarms

 HD-FK300 Foot Rail

HD-FK300This hold-up alarm bar is installed on the floor, under bank or store counters, office desks or similar locations. When the alarm bar is triggered, one of the two micro-switches is activated and an alarm triggered. Triggering is displayed permanently via two individual mechanical displays. These displays can only be reset manually by piercing the relevant indicator, making it possible to identify which foot rail on a circuit triggered the alarm. Ten additional indicators are provided for replacing the pierced ones.

Spec Sheet

Technical Data

Housing material Aluminium, anodized
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 30 x 36 mm
Weight 0.300 kg
Switching voltage 42 VDC
Switching current max 0.1 A


FAT7 Panic button for installation in desks and counters

FAT7 Panic ButtonFor installation in desks, counters etc. Button with make and break contacts built into an anodized rosette. A 12 V or 24 V incandescent bulb can be inserted into the button to signal alarm actuation or acknowledgement. Replaceable with white paper disc printed with the word “Alarm.”

Accessory: FAT6A/7A Replacement paper disc for FAT7

Technical data

Contact rating Max. 1 A / 24 V
Contact type NO / NC
Dimension (Ø x H) 32 x 42 mm
Weight 0.015 kg


484ME Panic button with optical indicator

484MEReed button designed for the silent signaling of robberies in progress. When the button is pressed, a magnet opens the internal reed contact, thus triggering the alarm. An internal reed switch protects against attempts to open the device.Internal reed switches are designed for NC (Form A) operation. Double-sided tape is included for simple installation.

The latching LED is reset by interrupting the power. The button has a spring return. 6-terminal connections are provided: 2 for the alarm contacts, 2 for anti-tamper, 2 for power supply

Technical data

Power supply 12 VDC
Current consumption 10 mA
Contact rating Max. 1 A / 75 V
Contact type NC reed
Operating temperature +5 ~ +40° C
Housing protection IP32
Housing material Thermoplastic
Colour White
Dimensions (L x W x H) 72 x 52 x 28 mm
Weight 0.070 kg


UM11D Panic buttons

Surface Mounted Panic Button
Flush Mounted Panic Button


Technical data

Contact rating Max. 50 mA / 24 V
Contact type 1 changeover
Operating temperature -10 ~ +55° C
Housing material ABS
Colour White
Dimensions (L x W x H)UM11DUM11D-50 82 x 82 x 30 mm82 x 82 x 5 mm (plastic cover)