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Vanderbilt International Seismic Sensors

 Effective Protection for Vaults, Safes & ATMs

Seismic Sensors

Caledon is proud to offer the GM700 series of seismic sensors from Vanderbilt International (previously Siemens), the acknowledged worldwide leader in vault sensor technology.

Research laboratories in Switzerland and Germany build on decades of experience to apply the latest technologies to the protection of safes, vaults, automatic teller machines (ATMs), night safes, strong rooms, ticket machines, pay phones, vending machines and high security areas, both commercial and government.

Vanderbilt seismic sensors react to all types of attack tools known today, including diamond, bit drills, hydraulic pressing tools, oxygen lances, and explosives. All models include Siemens unique SENSTEC bimorph sensor for reliable detection and quick, problem-free installation on all specified surfaces.

Caledon personnel have over 25 years experience in the design and application of vault sensors and provide unrivaled technical support to the North American market.


Vanderbilt GM730 Seismic Sensor

Siemens GM730 Seismic SensorProgrammable intelligent seismic sensor for strong room walls and doors, safes, night deposits, ATM’s and vending machines.

Outstanding operation on ATMs: A remote sensitivity adjustment input allows the sensitivity to be adapted to ignore signals generated during ATM operation. Special logical filtering allows the sensors to distinguish between attacks and the signals generated by the operation of ATMs or night safes. UL listed.

The optional GMSW7 SensTool software allows modification of the default operating parameters and monitoring of detector performance. The most common programming settings can also be selected using dipswitches`on the sensor.

Operating range: 4m radius (50m²).

Suitable for steel or concrete surfaces

Applications: vaults, safes, ATMs, night deposit safes.

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Specification sheet      Datos técnicos en español


Vanderbilt GM760 Seismic Sensor

Siemens GM760 Seismic SensorThe GM760 includes all the features of the GM730, but provides a greater range and expanded applications. It also includes an event memory accessible through the Senstool software. UL listed.

Operating range: 5m radius (80m²)

Suitable for steel, concrete and synthetic surfaces.

Applications: vaults, safes, modular vaults, lightweight safes, ATMs, night deposit safes.

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Specification sheet      Datos técnicos en español


 Vanderbilt GM710 Seismic Sensor

Siemens GM710 Seismic SensorThe GM710 includes most of the features of the GM730 but has a reduced range. It is designed as an economical solution where greater detection range is not required, such as ATMs and ticket machines. UL listed. Sensitivity adjustment is by on-board switches.

Operating range: 2m radius (12.5m²)

Suitable for steel surfaces.

Applications: safes, ATMs, night deposit safes, ticket and vending machines.

More Details

Specification sheet

VDB_Seismic_DetectorsOverview of Complete Vanderbilt International Seismic Sensor Range (PDF).


Seismic Sensor Application Guide (PDF)

Seismic Calculator ToolSeismic Sensor Calculation Tool. Simplify your next installation of seismic sensors with this handy tool for calculating the location and spaces between sensors downloadable from the Vanderbilt website.


Seismic sensors are put through their paces at Vanderbilt’s test facility in Germany


 Note: The GM700 series replaces the Siemens GM550E-UL and GM530 sensors, which are no longer available.