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Caledon offers full support of the Vanderbilt / Siemens / Bewator Cotag readers, which offer a unique hands-free technology. For details, visit the Cotag section of this site.

Long Range Readers

Indoor/outdoor readers and transmitters with a range of up 200 feet (61m). Ideal for parking facilities, gated communities, marinas and more.

Bluetooth Readers

Vanderbilt’s range of Bluetooth Readers is a secure and flexible identification solution bringing the access credential to Android and iOS smartphones removing the need for a physical card or tag. Ideal for facilitating distributed workplaces, allowing employees to have their access credentials on their smart devices wherever they go.

Biometric Readers

Advanced fingerprint readers for use with Vanderbilt ACT Enterprise or with third party systems

Other Readers

A variety of readers are available, incorporating proximity, smart card and magnetic stripe technologies. For full details, visit the Vanderbilt International website.