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Seismic Sensor Accessories


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GMXPGMXPOO Mounting Plate

For use when mounting seismic sensors to concrete surfaces or uneven steel surfaces
Weight 0.270 kg


GMXS1GMXS1 Test Transmitter

Installed in the sensor and activated to test its functionality.
Weight 0.020 kg


GMGMXS5XS5 Remote Test Transmitter

Installed on the same surface as GM700 series seismic sensors, the GMSW5 transmits a signal into the protected surface, allowing verification of the sensors’ sensitivity.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 89 x 89 x 39.5 mm
Weight 0.379 kg
Current consumption (12 VDC) 5 mA (12 mA with “test active”)
Housing protection (EN 60529) IP43
Operating temperature -40 ~ +70 °C
Power supply 8 – 16 VDC (12 V nominal)


GMAS6GMAS6 Keyhole Protection Kit

The GMAS6 keyhole protection kit is used together with a seismic sensor to protect safes and strong rooms and additionally to detect unauthorized door opening or accessing a keyhole when the system is activated.
Weight 0.544 kg


GMXPGMXP33 Swivel Plate for Seismic Sensors

The GMXP3 swivel plate is used to protect safe and strong room doors with exposed keyholes. An alarm is triggered in case of unauthorized opening in active mode (night mode).
Weight 0.750 kg


GMXP3ZGMXP3Z Swivel Plate for Seismic Sensors, Z Shaped

As GMXP3, but with a Z shaped swivel arm, which allows installation on larger locks.
Weight 0.750 kg


Spacer2mmSPACER/2MM 2mm Spacer Plate for GMXP3 or GMXP3Z

Spacer for gap between keyhole and GMXP3/GMXP3Z flange.
Weight 0.010 kg


Spacer4mmSPACER/4MM 4mm Spacer Plate for GMXP3 or GMXP3Z

Spacer for gap between keyhole and GMXP3/GMXP3Z flange.
Weight 0.010 kg


GMXBOGMXBO Floor Box for Seismic Sensors

The GMXB0 is designed for floor installations in concrete.
Weight 2.085 kg
Max. weight support 1,000 kg


GMXWOGMXW0 Wall recess box with cover for seismic detectors

The GMXW0 is designed for wall and ceiling installations in concrete.
Weight 1.160 kg


GMXD7GMXD7 Anti-Drilling Foil

The GMXD7 can be fitted into the sensor’s housing cover as an additional tamper protection to detect drilling attacks on the sensor itself.
Weight 0.010 kg
Delivery unit: Set of 10 pieces


GMXC 2 Connection sleeve (16 mm) for seismic detectors

16 mm conduit connection sleeve for all GM700 series seismic sensors to ensure fixed and secure connection of surface-mounted conduits.
Weight 0.003 kg