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Indoor Motion Sensors

Magic Passive Infrared Sensors – Technology Heavyweights with a Light Touch

MAGIC SensorsThe MAGIC motion sensor series has been created specifically to satisfy the need for a high performance detector with a very small footprint. MAGIC combines Siemens reputation for the most sophisticated technology with a stylish appearance that lets it blend into any environment. As an added bonus, the common appearance of sensors with and without anti-masking technology means that a potential intruder doesn’t know which sensor he is dealing with, making it even harder for him to attempt to compromise its detection.


MAGIC Mirror – Outstanding Sensitivity with Enhanced False Alarm Resistance
The secret behind the combination of outstanding detection and slimline design lies in the unique double-mirror design, which creates uniformly sensitive detection areas, leading to homogeneous sensitivity throughout the coverage pattern, with no oversensitive hot spots close to the sensor or low sensitivity areas at greater distances. The result – outstanding detection with enhanced false alarm resistance.

Add Siemens multiple filter design, which eliminates white light as a false alarm source, and robust Matchtec and Visatec detection algorithms, and  you get unbeatable performance.

Integrated Anti-Masking
Detection of masking attempts is integrated into the MAGIC mirror which leads to a fully protected sensor window.

Easy Installation
Siemens “snap-in” technology protects all sensitive electronics and optics from damage and contamination. The cover with the electronics and optics simply clips-on once the mounting and wiring is complete.

Siemens End of Line (EoL) concept makes wiring of resistors redundant for SPC and Sintony panels. Adaptation to any other panel is easy, quick and error-free.

MAGIC sensors also offer the lowest energy consumption on the market, thanks to their optimized electronics.

For much more information on MAGIC sensors, visit the Siemens MAGIC microsite.


Available Models

All models can be converted from wide angle to long range curtain coverage with the curtain mirror accessory.

PDM-112PDM-I12: MAGIC PIR sensor, 12 m wide angle (20m curtain)
PDM-I12T: MAGIC PIR sensor 12 m wide angle with Anti-mask (20m curtain)
PDM-I18: MAGIC PIR sensor, 18 m wide angle (30m curtain)
PDM-I18T: MAGIC PIR sensor, 18 m wide angle with Anti-mask (30m curtain)

PDM-I12 & PDMI12T Spec Sheet
PDM-I18 & PDMI18T Spec Sheet


Technical data

Optical system MAGIC mirror
Approval EN50131-2-2 grade 2
VdS Klasse B
Pet immunity yes (option)
Supply voltage 9 … 16 VDC (12 V nom.)
Current consumption 2.5 mA (rms)
4.7 mA (max. peak)
Sensitivity evaluation mode 4 settings
Outputs 30 VDC / 100 mA, NC
Walk test input Low ≤ 1,5 V / high ≥ 3,5 V
Set/unset input Low ≤ 1,5 V / high ≥ 3,5 V
Walking speed 0.2 … 3 m/s
EOL resistor RI = 4.7 kΩ ±5%, 250 mW
REoL = 4.7 kΩ ±5%, 250 mW
Operation temperature -10 °C…+55 °C
Air humidity (EN 60721) < 85% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature -20 °C…+60 °C
Housing protection (EN 60529) IP41 / IK02
Dimensions (W x H x D) PDM-I12/PDM-I12T: 57 x 128 x 32 mmPDM-I18/PDMI18T: 64 x 147 x 35 mm





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