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SiPass Entro Signal Modules

IOR6 Input – output relay control unit

IOR6IOR6 is a general relay control unit designed for use with SiPass Entro and SiPass integrated. Its four inputs and six outputs can be used for applications such as common alarm outputs, fire alarm inputs, elevator control, machine control or door control (in reservation applications). IOR6 can also be used for timer functions.

Please note in a SiPass Entro system, a maximum of 32 IOR6 units can be used for elevator control (for up to 192 floors). For other purposes, as many as 512 IOR6 units can be used in a SiPass Entro system; note, however, that the combined number of doors and IOR6 units connected to a single SiPass Entro system cannot exceed 512.

Spec Sheet

Technical data
Interface To segment controller: RS485 system com bus.
Operating voltage 8-40 VDC
8-30 VAC
Power consumption Power save 12V DC: 0.24 W
Full on 12V DC: 1.57 W
Power save 24V DC: 0.26 W
Full on 24V DC: 2.57 W
Inputs Four remote control inputs. Tamper switch for internal alarm.
Outputs Two voltage-free change over relay contacts, max. 0.9 A, 60 V (2 A, 30 V). Four voltage-free closing relay contacts, max. 0.9 A, 60 V (2 A, 30 V). Six extra outputs which operate in parallel with above.
Tamper switch Yes
Operating temperature -35 to +50 °C
Environment Indoor use only
Housing Plastic
Colour White
Dimensions (W x H x D) 248 x 182 x 55 mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Approval CE