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Seismic Sensor Software

GMSW7 SensTool Software

GMSW7Senstool connects to an input on the sensor and runs on a laptop computer. It allows extra programming of sensitivity and other features, beyond what is available using the sensor’s on-board switches. It also provides a visual output of signal levels and an event log.


GMSW7 ParametersProgramming

Sensitivity can be tailored to the application with a couple of mouse clicks in the easy-to-use interface. The shock sensitivity channel can be programmed separately.

The GMSW7 allows enabling of a digital filter, used to filter out low frequency disturbances from passing trucks, trains, subways, etc.

The polarity of the signal to be used for the test input and remote sensitivity adjustment (if used) can also be selected.

The remote sensitivity adjustment is particularly useful for ATM applications. On commencement of the ATM operation, the sensors sensitivity can automatically be adjusted to ignore any signals caused by the ATM itself.




GMSW7 SignalSignal Analysis

Senstool’s signal analysis feature can be used to identify the source of false alarms and check for environmental disturbances, as well as to provide a visual display of signals generated to test the sensor’s operation.

Signals are displayed as if on a scope. They can be saved for future analysis and comparison.








GMSW7 Event LogEvent Memory

The event memory feature can be used to record and display alarms and indicate the cause.

Not available in GM710 and GM730.