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Vault, Safe & ATM Protection

The GM700 series of seismic sensors from Vanderbilt International provide the industry’s most advanced protection for vaults, safes and ATMs. The sensors react to all known attack methods – drilling, explosions, other physical attacks and even the most hard-to-detect methods, such as thermic lances

A complete range of accessories allows the sensors to be mounted on concrete or uneven surfaces, inside a vault wall, in the floor of a strongroom, protecting the door or keyhole of a safe or cabinet and in a variety of other locations. Test equipment allows the correct operation of the sensors to be verified both before and after installation.

GM700 Series Seismic Sensors – Overview

GM710 Seismic Sensor
GM730 Seismic Sensor
GM760 Seismic Sensor


Application Guide

See the Vanderbilt International seismic sensors put through their paces in a real world test in the video below.